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Monorail Runner combines endless running and multiplayer modes. Run on 3, 4 and even 5 lane monorail and subway tracks. This Endless Runner is the best among its kind. This endless running game is loaded with new, original and cool features and is very fun and addicting. This running game is new, fresh and modern, run and avoid bumping into obstacles while running and stay ahead of officer Maddox, try making the longest run you can. Don’t let him catch you. Improve your personal record, compete with friends and other players from your country and from around the world. Dash forward and use all kinds of boosts and power ups. You can earn and purchase many different, jetpacks, hoverboards and hoverbikes to suit your style. Use sneakers to jump high, hoverboards to air glide. Hoverboards protect you from crashing. This running game is very fun, and it undoubtedly can be your best travel companion, on a plane or a train, or if you are riding in a car or waiting in a line, wherever and whenever you wish to have a moment of great play time, just try playing the Monorail Runner. The Diamond Frenzy and the bonus road round are features that allow you to earn extra diamonds which you can spend in the game to buy and upgrade new items. In the bonus road round, if you manage to achieve the treasure chest on top of the pyramid, you will receive a random reward. Complete daily missions and collect as many diamonds, as you can; also collect other collectibles and prizes to get your daily rewards and don't forget to use power ups. Unlock and Run with new characters, hoverboards and hoverbikes, and see for yourself how much more fun the game becomes when you own all of the heroes.

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Shooterboy Entertainment

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218,41 МБ

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English (United States)

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