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OMG! The big dance is here, a red zit is on your face. 😱 What are you waiting for? Everybody knows a girl has always got to look her best, 💁🏼 but what happens when you aren’t prepared for every beautiful girls biggest enemy? You walk up to your mirror, excited for a full day of fun, when you suddenly scream OMG! 🙇🏼‍ OMG! The big dance is only a few hours away, 🕛 all your friends are wearing dashing dresses and look beautiful. 🙍🏼🙍🏻🙍🏽🙍🏾Just as you are about to get ready, you see a huge gross zit on your face! What are you going to do about it? OMG! Your friends are coming to pick you up in a few minutes to go shopping at the mall, 🏪 what are you going to do? These are only a few of the clients who will walk through your doors, and you have to be ready to help save the day for them! As the go-to girl for getting rid of zits, you will have to be on your toes as lines of girls will rush to you to get rid of unsightly zits in only a matter of minutes, 👉🏻🕝you are their last hope! You run the Pimple Care Salon, where many girls will be counting on you to make them look pretty again in only minutes before they have to get ready for a big date or a big dance at the school, it’s a tough and dirty job, but it needs to be done. 🙆🏼 As a zit-care expert, you have to help deal with all types of zits, big and small in small amounts of time, otherwise the girls won’t be able to leave home out of embarrassment and they will have to miss out on all the fun! 🙅🏼 Help make hundreds of girls beautiful again with the help of new tools to help you with giving the best help the girls who come to you! 👸🏻👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿👸🏼 💆🏻

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Unit M Limited

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Unit M, 2017


Unit M Limited

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78,79 МБ

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