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Experience a mother's desperate search for her daughter in the midst of a nation-wide epidemic. Taking place in the Outbreak universe by Dead Drop Studios, this story follows Gwen just after her harrowing escape from an urban center during the outbreak. A terrible accident causes her to get separated from her daughter Hope and she has to fight the undead to survive... and save her daughter. Outbreak: Lost Hope is the next title in the Outbreak series. Built new from the ground up and featuring all-new over the shoulder survival horror gameplay. With greater control, comes greater threats as you fight through monstrous hordes, desperately search for supplies, solve puzzles and ultimately make your way through this nightmare. You, and your daughter, only have one life - can you survive the nightmare and save her? True Survival Horror: Classic gameplay plays homage to the past. OTS: Claustrophobic over-the-shoulder gameplay enhances the fear. Story Mode: Experience Gwen's nightmare as she searches for her daughter. Onslaught Mode: Bonus mode where you scrounge and survive against the undead. Fight or Flee: Engage threats directly or run for your life. Incapacitate: Knock down your foes and escape before they reanimate. Explore: Search areas and read logs to find keys and solve puzzles to survive. Progress: Saving is limited and restricted. Find floppy disks to record your progress. Storage: Manage your limited inventory by finding and storing items in caches. Backpack: Find rucksacks to increase the size of your inventory. Difficult: Play across multiple crippling difficulty modes. Defense: Utilize numerous firearms and melee weapons against the undead.

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