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Photo Studio allows you to add various visual effects to any picture. Photos can be taken from the camera or selected from the Pictures Hub. Each effect applied to the picture is chosen from a list of available effects. List contains thumbnails with available effects so you can quickly decide which effect you want to add to your photo. Multiple effects can be applied to single photo, Photo Studio will remember effects history and you will be able to navigate to previously added effect using back button. The modified photo can be pinned to Windows Phone home screen at any time. Available effects: - accent, - blur, - brightness & contrast, - color flip, - crop, - grayscale, - mirror & rotation, - negative, - one color, - red eye removal, - sepia, - sharpen, - straighten, - tilt shift, - vignette, - X-ray. Many effects have adjustable parameters which help to obtain expected result. Furthermore, each effect contains description.

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