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PracticePal is a comprehensive patient and clinic management system leading the way since 2006. AS well as an app version, it is also backed up by a 100% browser-based version. For a simple and affordable monthly fee with no upfront costs your business can benefit from extremely advanced management of the following key clinic functions: 1. Scheduling including text and email reminders and classes. 2. A comprehensive patient database with marketing and crm functions, tasks and messaging and even user-defined fields. 3. Professional clinic note taking including questionnaires, forms, free text, image annotation and signatures. 4. An additional app for Online customer sign up, bookings, cancellations, credit and debit card payments and deposits. 5. Smart patient retention with an automatic recall system targeting letters, email and sms. 6. Accounts, invoicing, till, expenditure, Epos and stock control. 7. A host of patient and business reports. PracticePal also has a host of integrations to other industry leading products such as: 1. Stripe for receiving credit and debit card payments. 2. Xero for your accounts. 3. Mailchimp for email marketing campaigns. 4. Healthcode for e-billing and 3rd party invoicing. 5. Google-drive for document sharing and image processing.

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