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Only train tickets, nothing more. Without advertising, without unnecessary text and links. Clear and simple décor. The service charge is about 15% of the ticket price. It includes the cost of services payment intermediaries and support costs and service development. With children's tickets "without a place" no service charge. RZD.ONLINE - an application that helps you to buy a railway ticket online to all destinations in Russia and a visit to our nearest neighbors. Purchased tickets on the train you want to print, and then exchanged at the box office or at the terminal you familiar railway ticket. If the application in front of the train burning sign "E", then landing on the train will be enough to print a bar code or an electronic ticket on your gadget. We offer an online booking train tickets in all directions, allowing you to book tickets for a trip without having to search for them in the station ticket office, waste time in queues. We can offer the lowest prices on tickets with reservations for 45 days - you can choose any suiting options, making the trip more pleasant. You can always give up the ticket by passing it to the cashier station. Thus, you can buy cheap tickets to any destination without leaving home. To take advantage of the ticket, enough to buy and exchange it for a boarding pass at any box office of "Russian Railways", the reception of e-tickets, or in the self-terminal. No more queuing at the box office! Buy Train Tickets, a simple bank card. The best places in the carriages can be selected online via your mobile device, download the application.

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