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Short.y is a URL Shotener that uses services provided by is.gd and others to process and shorten your URIs. Short.y is fast and easy to use. You can shorten a URI by copying it into the app and short.y will give you the short version of it and a QRCode. You can then copy the short URI or share it. Short.y lets you also shorten a link from within the Action Center and get the results immediately. Short.y also acts as a share target which means that you can share URIs from other apps such as Microsoft Edge and short.y will immediately copy the short version to the clipboard. Short.y is also smart, it can automatically extract URI links from text shared to it and lets you shorten the selected link. With Short.y, you can find out where does a short link point to so you know if the website is safe or not. Short.y takes this bullet for you without affecting your device's security. Short.y maintains a list of the recent links processsed by it for your convenience. If you like the app then please review and share it with your friends. You can additionally donate to help me keep developing the app.

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RafaelWare Team

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RafaelWare Team

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