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Meet Snail Bob, he's a snail on a adventure mission and he needs your help. Welcome in the game Snail Bob 3 Adventure! Guide Bob over 30 levels of mind-bending, puzzling goodness. Collect hidden stars to unlock fun bonus content—can you find them all? COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL Travel to a variety of locations as you complete each chapter. Help Bob get through the dangerous construction site, avoid wildlife and pitfalls in the forest, and watch you don't get sand in your shell in ancient Egypt! Are you bored from games as Where's My Water, My Dolphin Show, Cut the Rope or Trubo Fast. Right for you Snail Bob 2! Never has the world united like this for a snail! Snail Bob 3 FEATURES - Many levels spread across unique worlds - Find hidden stars and jigsaw pieces - Great family puzzle perfect suitable for kids and for adults, and also to play together - Sequel of the famous web-game that has been played over a billion times! - Fun for all ages VINCENT VAN BOB As you collect stars on your journey you unlock hilarious portraits and sculptures. Put your pop culture knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the reference in each one! Find out why the original game has been played over a billion times in this thrilling sequel! Enjoy for FREE

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Happy Minion Games

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