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In A Galaxy Far, Far Procedural... Welcome to 'Spacelines from the Far Out' a game that blends the golden era of air travel with the utopian space age of the ’60s, with a unique blend of non-violent co-op and roguelike gameplay! An original sci-fi universe filled with all the annoyances you’ve come to expect from being in the commercial Spaceline industry, in a space odyssey adventure for you, or with up to 4 friends. And thanks to the robust (and sometimes mean) AI Director, every trip feels chaotically unique. No one said this was going to be easy: With tons of mechanics in store for you to master (or survive), such as piloting, repairing, cleaning, cooking, and dancing, you’ll never be bored! And for all the space-treasure hunters out there: Tons of unlockable upgrades, ships, playable characters to collect, and more are waiting for you on the event horizon.

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  • A unique blend of non-violent co-op and roguelike.
  • Original sci-fi universe with art direction and soundtrack inspired by the 60's space age and the golden era of air travel.
  • Fully procedural starmap, with an itinerary of routes and connections featuring emergent events controlled by a game-balancing AI.
  • Tons of unlockables: from spaceship models, skins and upgrades to player company customizations and playable characters.
  • Suitable (and funny) for all ages: kids laugh at the aliens puking, teens laugh at their friends messing up, adults laugh about playing a game where they are working a service job in space.

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