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Christmas is coming and some new type of alien Greench arrived in the snowy village to ruin the feast days. The aliens are after the Christmas presents and will do everything in their power to steal them from the different homes. Fortunately Santa Claus has sent his personal assistant to guard over the village and the Christmas spirit. Your task will be to guide Santa’s assistant around the village and recollect all the stolen gifts. Try to stop the alien invasion by all means. Use all the special powers and weapons to your disposal to reach your target save Christmas. Features: - Wonderful high-resolution graphics - Simple controls - Easy and fun to play - Nice background music & sounds How to Play: - Use the two control buttons to run around and look for the gifts Choose one of the 4 weapons to stop the clumsy aliens: - Christmas wreath: Prevents the aliens from fleeing (escaping) - Gift bomb: It will kill the aliens with one blast - The Bell: If you throw it will attract all the aliens that are close by on the spot where you have thrown the bell. - Candy Stick: If you shoot the candy it will kill the alien - To throw quickly just press on the fire button !!! Useful advice: Keep the finger pressed on the fire (shooting) button for some seconds to make the size and power the chosen weapon bigger!!! Fight the aliens and become the new Christmas hero.

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