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** Please note that this is not a standalone torrent downloader/client ** ** There is a small amount of set up involved for this app. Please see the support links for details if you run into trouble. If you are not prepared to spend a few easy minutes setting up your µTorrent/BitTorrent to work with this app, please do not download it ** This app connects to the uTorrent and BitTorrent WebUI system allowing you to view and add torrents to your uTorrent or BitTorrent application - from anywhere in the world with a supported internet connection. (Requires the correct ports to be forwarded on your router when accessing from the internet). This app has full support for all Windows 8 devices (including Windows RT and its primary device, the Surface RT). If you are having an issue with this app on any device, please do not report it in a review - there is no way to reply to you and you will not get any support. These types of reviews are not appreciated and you will get a better experience by using the documented methods of support. See the in-app help (from the Settings charm) or click the website link further down the page for more information and documentation. Disclaimer: Neither the Torrent Remote developer nor the app itself are affiliated with µTorrent the desktop application or its owners, BitTorrent, Inc.

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Michael Scidone

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