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Why do not you try Zen meditation in Oriental garden? Do you sometimes feel distracted, pressed and fidgety, and have negative feeling in your mind in your daily life, work, and relationship? That's when you practice zen meditation. Kinect is necessary to play. Kinect reads your skeleton and supports the correct zen meditation. Also, Your image is displayed in a beautiful garden. There are 50 places to play zen meditation. At first you can play a little time, getting used to it for a long time. When you focus on your mind and body through zen meditation, you will have a peace of mind. Then you can give your full attention to your mind and body. Copying sutra Trace the sample characters with your fist to copy sutra. You can write the Heart Sutra(266 letters). Chanting sutra. Listen to the Heart Sutra, or chant together. Click Here For More Info!

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Nangok Software

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