Surface Accessories

Give your go-to tablet even more functionality. Designed to work perfectly with your Surface, our tablet accessories give you the power to do more at home, at work, and everywhere in between. Whether you need to protect your device while in transit, charge it on the go, or want a little extra memory, we've got you covered.

Just a few of the Microsoft Surface accessories available include:

Cases & Covers: Designed to suit your personality and fit your tablet perfectly, our specially designed cases, covers and sleeves can help protect your Surface from dust, bumps and scratches. And depending on which type of case or cover you choose, they can even help prolong your battery life, or give you added functionality with pockets and zippers for your keys and wallet. This way, you can reduce the amount of bags you carry at any given time.

Power Adapters & Docks: From power adapters that make it easy to charge your tablet on the go, to docking stations that you can keep at home, with a wide range of adapters, docks and chargers that are compact and easy to use, you can keep your Surface charged and ready for anything.

Mice & Styluses: Get Surface accessories designed for the way you work. With stylish mice in a range of colors, plus ergonomic designs, and sleek, clean lines, they make it easy to navigate to your favorite page, app or document. If you prefer the feel and control of a pen, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 users can also choose a stylus, which gives you a natural writing experience right on your tablet.

Memory: Whether you need to use data on multiple devices, want to backup important files or just need a little extra room for all that you do, our flash drives, flash cards and portable hard drives give you all the space you need for the files you rely on.

Whether you're looking for the latest Surface, Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 accessories, or simply want a fresh, new case, you'll find it all at Microsoft Store. Explore our newest collection of Surface tablets and accessories -- and shop with the confidence that comes with free shipping and free returns on every item, every day.