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Description Simply AIM and SHOOT the bad guys out there. Show no mercy to kill all in & as - 3D SNIPER ASSASSIN – FREE. Eliminate the mob of enemies. Don't stop shooting until you kill them all. Be one of the Best Sniper with cool head, who analyze the things faster, aggressive and most important – Accurate shooter. Pickup weapons of your own choice to complete the missions, different types of tasks, do not hesitate to track and kill all criminals down the street. But be careful, even they can put you down with their weapons.Zoom in & out for better vision and to sight your target, read the instructions carefully and complete your missions accordingly with ease. 3D Sniper Assassin Game is Free to play; Upgrades are available to make your game play more easy & hassle free. Enjoy the multiple targets shooting all the enemies out there; accomplish missions to become Master in Action Game. --------------------- IN APP PURCHASES: * No Ads Pack - $0.99 * All Guns Unlocked Pack - $3.99 * All Guns + All Levels Unlocked Pack : $5.99 ---------------------- GAME FEATURES TRACK AND SHOOT Shoot down different types of criminals in different locations MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Complete the critical & difficult tasks by saving the city from dangerous criminals WEAPON INVENTORY Choose the right weapon from the large inventory to trigger down the criminals in the game. SNIPER AND THE CRIME Be the most accurate sniper to trigger down the creepy criminals throughout the game play. KILL TO EARN In this action packed shooting thriller game, you will earn more by killing more enemies. So just aim at your enemy and keep shooting. Buy amazing guns to perform better and for more ACTION. SHARE YOUR SUCCESS Now you can share your success and happiness of playing one of the exciting sniper shooting game with all your friends on Facebook and other social sites. --------------------- INSTRUCTIONS TOUCH Easy Touch, Drag and Tap Game play. ZOOM Zoom in for more accurate shots. RELOAD Reload your ammo, target and play. --------------------- We have wide variety of free games like “shooting games”, “arcade games”, “racing games”, “action games”, “casual games”, “simulator games”, “war games”, “puzzle games” and “strategy games” to download and try for free! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timuzsolutions To get new updates of TIMUZ games, Please subscribe on Facebook and Twitter! Facing a problem? Got a suggestion? We would love to hear from you! Report to us and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting us.

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Timuz Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Timuz Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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