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The BIBLE CHALLENGE is a very simple, yet powerful, tool designed to enable you to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone. This tool has been available in print for over a decade, and has helped countless people of all ages share their faith with family, friends and others with great success. Simply ask someone to take the challenge or survey to see how much they know about the basic teachings of the Bible. There are only six questions, but these six allow you to present the vital message of redemption with great ease. Upon their completion of the challenge, select review for them to see their score, and review each question being sure to read the supporting scriptures that support the correct answer. Conclude the survey by reading the summary and asking them one last question. You'll be amazed at how easy and effective this tool will make you at presenting life's most important message. Here's what others have said about using the BIBLE CHALLENGE (aka, The Spiritual Survey). "This was my first time ever witnessing, and the Spiritual Survey made it so easy. It was fun." - Alexia, age 12. "I like the survey. It has everything you need. You don't have to try and figure out what to say." - Alex, age 14. "You have a goldmine in this Spiritual Survey." - Pastor Jorge. "This is the best one-on-one evangelism tool I have ever seen." - Dr. Peter Gammons.

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