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How affects the current weather the human health in Germany? Check out Biowetter DE. As a fact our thermoregulation system does interpret an air temperature of say 20°C not always and not ever as 20°C. Instead, the thermoregulation system uses a thermophysiologically equivalent air temperature which is represented by the Biowetter DE parameter UTCI (Universal Thermal Climate Index, defined by the International Society of Biometeorology). The UTCI includes pressure variations, windchill effects as well as actinic and hygric parameters. The affection of the human environmental resistance system by pollen, chemical air pollutants and environmental radioactivity is another focus of Biowetter DE. Finally, one may experience severe harm by thunderstorms, storms, tornados or heavy precipitation. This is represented by the app section Offical warnings. Especially for humans suffering from high weather affection, allergies or pre-existing deseases Biowetter DE may be helpful for planning their daily routines and to avoid additional negative activities. However, the information provided by Biowetter DE does not substitute an individual doctor's consultation.

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