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The BLE SensorTags (blessTags) is the only one application on the market able to manage six different SensorTags. Up to the next version, the developer mode functions, the configuration panel and the motion service functions for the Thingy SensorTag (Quaternion, Orientation, Rotation matrix, etc.) are activated in the Lite version of the blessTags application. The blessTags application is able to communicate with: CC2451, CC2650 (both produced by Texas Instruments Company), ThunderBoard React, ThunderBoard Sense (both devices produced by Silicon Labs Company), Nordic Thingy:52 (produced by Nordic Semiconductor), WICED Sense2 (produced by Cypress) and with other unknown types of BLE devices. In its actual stage of development, the blessTags Lite application: 1. allows to set, communicate (by reading and notifying), use and display (in graphic and numeric ways) data from all sensors included in each of the SensorTags presented above; 2. can trigger a visual or/and an audible warning or/and a data saving process will be started if an event will be generated - if the desired value (instantaneous, mean or variance), of a specific sensor, meet a condition or a series of conditions (is lower, higher, inside or outside of a specific range) {ONLY IN THE FULL VERSION}; 3. using the activities feature, the blessTags application will execute different actions, when a specific event will take place. Actions like: run an application selected by the user, send an email or hibernate, lock, logoff, sleep etc. the device on which it is running {ONLY IN THE FULL VERSION}; 4. gives the possibility to interrogate several types of unknown BLE devices, in order to obtain the complete GATT attribute table for those particular unknown devices; 5. include the developer mode - the blessTags provides to the user lots of messages obtained from the communication process with the SensorTag - these messages enable the user to identify the communication/configuration setbacks and some other problems; 6. allows the determination of the optimal Kalman filter parameters. These parameters are extracted having as a source: (A) the MPU-9250 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – for CC2650 SensorTag or (B) the IMU-3000 (gyroscope sensor) and KXTJ9 (acceleration sensor) – in the case of CC2541 SensorTag. 7. the other functionalities like GADGETS (compass, movement security systems - door or luggage security, magnetic security system, accelerometer mouse, remote control for PC and wireless presenters for PowerPoint) or to save data are implemented only in the full version of the blessTags application. The supported sensor’s characteristics are: A. For CC2541: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature (IR and normal), barometer, humidity, keys and output LEDs. B. For CC2650: accelerometer (+wake-on-motion), gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature (IR and normal), barometer, humidity, luxometer, keys, reed switch and output LEDs. C. For ThunderBoard React: accelerometer, orientation, temperature, humidity, light (ambient & UV), keys and output LEDs. D. For ThunderBoard Sense: accelerometer, orientation, barometer, temperature, humidity, air quality (CO2 & TVOC), light (ambient & UV), sound level, keys and output LEDs (2 x low power LEDs & 4 x power LEDs). E. For Nordic Thingy:52: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, orientation, temperature, humidity, barometer, key, output lines, LED, sensor configuration and the integration with gadgets was done with: compass, PowerPoint and remote control for PC. F. For WICED Sense2: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, temperature and humidity.

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