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Do your kids love cars? Do they love planes, fire trucks, police cars, and driving too? Look no further. Car Games for Kids: Fun Cartoon Airplane, Police Car, Fire Truck, and Vehicle Jigsaw Puzzles HD is a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 2 to 6. The app includes twelve different child and toddler friendly, jigsaw-style puzzles with options to change the number of pieces and remove other helpers. The puzzles start off easy to play and can be made more challenging- perfect for the little one in your life who loves cars, trucks, driving, racing, and puzzles! When the puzzles are complete your kids will be able to watch a cartoon animation of the different vehicles or be able to drive the car in the puzzle! Driving the car is simple, they press a button and it goes racing across the screen. While the car is racing across the screen, they can also honk the horn! Car Games for Kids: Fun Cartoon Airplane, Police Car, Fire Truck, and Vehicle Jigsaw Puzzles HD features virtual jigsaw pieces for learning shape recognition and matching- great for educational purposes or just for fun! Good for one of your child's first puzzle games. Features: * Fun, creative graphics by illustrator Jenny Tiffany. * 12 different fun car, truck, or plane puzzles to choose from! * Positive encouragement. * Fun interactive stars and bubbles to pop! * Choose your own difficulty! Increase the number of pieces from 9 up to 24 as your child's fine motor and spatial skills improve! * Easy for kids to use and control. Please note that this is the free version of the app with only 4 of the puzzles unlocked. If you like the free version, please consider purchasing the full version. ==================================== If you enjoy this app, please take a look at all of our fun and educational apps for kids: Kids Trucks: Puzzles Kids Trucks: Numbers & Counting Kids Trucks: Alphabet Letter Identification Games Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning Kids Trucks: Construction Alphabet Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles Monster Games for Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles Flower Fairies Ballet: Fairy Ballerina Puzzles for Kids Puzzle Maker for Kids: Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles from Pictures Train Games for Kids: Zoo Railroad Car Puzzles Halloween Kids Puzzles: Pirate, Vampire and Mummy Games for Toddlers, Boys and Girls Dinosaur Games for Kids: Cute Dino Train Jigsaw Puzzles for Preschool and Toddlers KNOW What's Inside: As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "KNOW what's inside" best practices for kids' apps. For more information go to: http://momswithapps.com/ ===================================== If you have questions, need support, or have a suggestion, please email us at: orionsmason@gmail.com Privacy Policy - This app: - Does not contain ads - Does not contain links to social networks - Does not use data collection tools - Does not contain in-app purchases. - Does include links to more apps by Scott Adelman (via Link Share/Georiot) and more art by Jenny Tiffany.

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