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Discover a whimsically-themed carnival world right in your hand! Enter Carnival Craze and explore the midway, there are plenty of playful objects to interact. Kids can play three different carnival games, each with a unique theme that tests their problem solving and speed skills ⦁ Test your basketball skills in Hoop Shot, an out-of-this-world space-themed carnival tent. ⦁ In Dino Pyramid, travel back to the Jurassic time period and knock down piles of dinosaur eggs. ⦁ And in Candy Catcher, sort brightly-colored candies into rotating baskets. ⦁ Earn Stars for your skills in each game and collect dozens of adorable prizes to store in your very own treasure chest. Features: ⦁ A playful carnival midway filled with interactive objects ⦁ Three dynamic carnival games ⦁ Each game features six rounds, increasing in difficulty to test and improve hand-eye coordination ⦁ Gives players the opportunity to practice counting, sorting, and color differentiation ⦁ Four light-hearted musical tracks to complement gameplay ⦁ Features gameplay that accommodates and rewards all skill levels ⦁ Designed to preshcool and kindergarten kids to try again and improve their skills ⦁ Dozens of cute prizes to collect and store in your very own treasure chest ⦁ Players can explore and interact with the prizes in their treasure chest This App Contains: • Parental control settings accessible only by adults • Voice, sound, and music control

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KidZone Studios Inc.

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kidzone studios 2017


KidZone Studios Inc.

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