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Update ======================================== V1.2 2013 June Another 10 world-wide favorite songs for your child are added. Now we have 20 songs in just one App. You can’t miss this update. 10 new songs are:  Edelweiss  Five Little Ducks  Old Blue  The Bear Went Over the Mountain  Carrot Stew  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  Billy Boy  Pat A Cake  I'm a Little Teapot  Do Re Mi ======================================== Children’s Songs Free II is a valuable complement to the previous Children’s Songs Free App. It offers another 10 world-wide favorite songs for your child. Same as before, each song is accompanied by an exquisite picture and lyrics. The control and navigation is easy to use for the whole family. You and your child both will absolutely love it. If you like this App, you can find more similar apps by tapping “more from Floral Tech” at the bottom. “Floral Tech” aims at providing high quality apps for the kids. Come and enjoy the happy moment with your children by using our apps! 10 songs are:  This Old Man  Donkey Donkey I Beg You  Did You Ever See A Lassie  Yankee Doodle  I Went To School One Morning  Over the River And Through the Woods  Michael Row the Boat Ashore  If You're Happy And You Know It  Alphabet Song  Good Night Ladies

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