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Foofy the cat is a very purrecious kitty. She can only be treated to the BEST! The lovable cat has had a lot to do today and needs her daily pampering. Take her to the newest salon in town and see if you can get a well earned meow from the furry critic! Take her on a fun filled day all around the city and show her all the sights and sounds that she is used to. Your first stop would be the cafe to give her daily cupcake treat. You have to make the batter, bake and then decorate the cupcake for the cute cat and her date. After getting a refreshing treat at the cafe for Foofy, you need to take your furry pal to the Beauty Salon for a relaxing bath so she can let out a relaxed meow so that she can always look absolutely gorgeous Take care of your feline pal and earn plenty of rewards for playing the game! You have to cater to her needs every day, make sure give her a new cupcake each time! The Cat has had her time at the salon and gave it her meow of approval, now you need to take the furry patron to the mall and get a new look. Now you have give Floofy a cute hat, shirt, pants, and a booties so that she always looks her best! You have to make sure to give your pet a look that will make her give you 2 paws up, her best rating! In this fun game, you will have to be very caring for the cat and pampering her! The daily trips to the salon, the mall and the cafe are VERY important to her. You shouldn't let your furry pal go a minute without being pampered and earn yourself a well deserved meow from her!

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Unit M Limited

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Unit M, 2018


Unit M Limited

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Старше 3 лет


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