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Create awesome high-quality videos like the pros - quickly and easily. PowerDirector is the only editor you’ll need, with an intuitive interface designed for anyone wanting to create amazing videos. No matter your skill level you can deliver professional-quality results with Hollywood-style effects, fully loaded with all the basic and advanced features. Use multi-track timeline editing to cut together your next YouTube video. Create mesmerizing double exposure videos with a wide selection of blending modes. Add drama and control the speed of your videos with the Action Camera Center. Build keyframe animations to take control of your projects or make attention-grabbing intros. Chroma key (green screen editing) lets you put your characters in out of this world locations. Bring together video effect shots with Mask Designer. Craft the perfect soundtrack with audio tools. Powerful editing tools to get excited about: • Edit and export videos in up to 4K resolution • Produce fast forward or slow motion videos with speed adjustment • Upload straight to YouTube and Facebook or share with friends • Product eye-catching intros and text on video with animated text and titles • Slow-motion and time lapse effects • Fix shaky cam footage with video stabilizer • Replace background with green screen editing by using chroma key • Intuitive motion tracking • Library of drag & drop video effects and transitions • Pre-made particles and particle designer Powerful editing tools to create every type of video: • Control brightness, color and saturation with precision • Sound editing with pitch shift, vocal transformer, denoise, and more • Audio recording directly in projects perfect for voice overs • Hundreds of templates, color filters, and titles effects What are you waiting for? Try PowerDirector now and experience the best video editing tools available on Windows. Have a problem? Contact us: support.cyberlink.com

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