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Since launching our first KeyHealth application in November 2013, we have enhanced the application considerably in order to improve our members’ experience. In line with our “Keep it smart, keep it simple” philosophy, this app is really easy to use. The following functionalities are now available on the application: • In emergencies, select the Netcare 911 logo to call an ambulance • View your electronic Membership Card (including childrens’ Easy-ER cards) for easy access to your membership information • Ability to send a copy of your printed membership card to a healthcare service provider (via e-mail, Fax or QR code) • Submit your correspondence/claims documents to the Scheme • View documents (e.g. Tax Certificate and recent statements) and send a copy of this via e-mail • Request a Member transaction history • Find your nearest Hospital Emergency facility and use the navigation function for directions to this hospital • Search for a DSP specialist and view their contact details • View the Health Booster benefits which you may qualify for • Chat with one of your consultants online • Contact us by viewing and calling via the application • Visit our Facebook/Twitter page by selecting the relevant logo • Better scaling on larger devices • DSP search by selecting HOSPITAL or SPECIALIST • Additional information shown on search results hospital network (Netcare / Life) - Full address - Province - Town / suburb • Locate nearby emergency rooms based on your current location (ER facility search) • View benefits and mail the detail benefit brochure to the member • Essence members can now nominate their registered General Practitioner • Request an international travel letter instantly

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