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New in Release v 1.2 : ★ Added more Categories and Improved design. ★Added Interactive Animations. Kids Alphabet To know Fruits you eat while you learn Alphabets To teach your kids not only A, B, C but also fruit they eat is app’s most phenomenal treatise for you. This app presents alphabets with its corresponding name of fruit along with its attractive image and audio voice explaining its benefits. Conventionally, children learn alphabets which resound with their respective objects of their daily use but this app introduce children to those lavishing fruits that they see on their breakfast table every morning. They are not just learning alphabets but also what each of it stands for in respect to their fruits. Besides, the audio of the sweet voice over enhances these kids experience to make them acquainted with the qualities each fruit processes. Just imagine you churn out your hard earned money to buy fruits so that your kids get complete nourishment and remain healthy. But will you not bang your head if these very children play tantrums for not eating these fruits? The only solution is hand over them this Kids Alphabets app on your mobile and you will soon see the magic. As soon as they will click on the app, look at the lovely images and listen to the sweet voice of the fruits endowments, they will now sure to cry to have the same fruits from you. This is a power of your mobile app. It is easy to use, attractive, and so much engaging that your child will learn the alphabets, learn the names and benefits of each fruit and also eat them too.

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