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Presenting all time favorite videos of the nursery rhymes and songs in a beautiful app. Children clap their hands, tap their feet, laugh and have fun with these evergreen and most popular Songs and Rhymes. These are most precisely selected videos duly categorized as : ★ Kids rhymes ★ Children songs ★ Animal songs ★ Fun loving songs When the children watch and listen to the rhymes, “Five Little monkeys jumping on the bed” they will surely start jumping too! And with the Elephant Song, Papa Penguin, Duck, Horse and other sounds of the animals in a rhythm they will start dancing too. The app has beautiful graphical illustration with lively and presentable appeal that adds to its grace. Just tap on any one of the above category, and then the rhyme or a song children would like to listen and watch and get going. It is entertaining, educational, equally exciting and thrilling. So why not add that extra fun in your child’s life by making their life rhythmic! Just install this app on your tablets or devices and see how excited and thrilled your children will be. Disclaimer: The videos provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We do not upload video to any YouTube hence we do not have the rights to remove it, if you find any copyright infringement with the content, please follow the YouTube protocol.

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