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* Now you can buy Outlander once and play on both Xbox (One, One S, One X) and PC (Windows 10) * Outlander is a blocky platformer game that is fun for all ages. You start on a dark planet without any tools or items. As you explore you gather materials and other objects and you build new or better things in the workshop. You can build a simple house with lights. Even electric lights that you connect via wires to a battery. Lights are very important in Outlander because the dark planet has lifeforms that can kill you instantly on contact! You only have one life, but don't worry, the Save button is only a click away. Remember to use it often. If you get killed it loads the last saved state. Once you completely explore the world it gives you the ability to move to another world. And then to another and another! Each world has something unique and interesting so you'll never get bored. And if you unlock all worlds we'll give you a Creative mode to unleash your creativity. It is still in experimental stage but it already is serious fun :) Outlander is a very active coding project and receives very frequent updates. It gets better every month. We are determined to make it one of the best games on Xbox and Windows. Have fun!

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Imperial Dynamics

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