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Photo Immersion provides a mesmerizing smoothly scrolling display of images, meant for showing on a TV or monitor when you have friends around, as a conversation starter. It shuffles through the photos in your entire Picture Library, or in a specific folder you have selected, slowly moving around among the photo collection and regularly zooming in on a random photo. I built it because I missed the similar photo slideshow capability which Windows Media Center in Windows 7 offered. When I had that up on my TV during parties and get-togethers, people who ran out of conversation topics would frequently get sucked in by the photo display and conversations would soon be sparked by what the photos showed. Often I would have selected photos (by collecting them in a folder and displaying that folder) from trips and events with the set of friends who were visiting, just as I would have selected (in a different app) a music play list for the evening. This app lets me enjoy that calm and fun photo reminiscing also with Windows 10. If you have ideas for features and configuration options you think would make the app better, please send an email as indicated in the app.

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