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~~~Prayer Times~~~ Important Note: After Downloading the app apply setting and read help page then please compare the prayer time with Mosque Near to You. If you find major difference in time then don't use the app. If you find few minutes different you can set them by using Time Adjustment Feature that will available in setting page named as Mins Adjustment. We have given this Note because we have found Fajr and Eisha Prayer time differences. We are not Responsible for any kind of Sin. This app helps us to say our Daily Prayers on time, 5-times a day. When you open this app it will get your location and shows prayer times of that location just set Calculation Method and Juristic Method according your needs. It means where ever you are, you can know the prayer times of that place. You can set alarm of either azan or voice message. We have added Daylight Saving option also to help our users. If there is slight difference in times, you can adjust it by clicking on that prayer and also can set Auto silent option from there. How to Use For Prayer Time: > When you open this app it will get your location. Please make sure your Location is enabled. > A dialog will be open please read it carefully and read help page. > After dialog Open setting page and just set Calculation Method according your Continent Region and also select Shafi OR Hanfi. > Default Fajar Isha method is Angle Based. If your are getting wrong time then you can change it one by one to get correct location. > Then Go back to Prayer time page, your time will be there. > You can set alarm of either azan or voice message in the Prayer Time page by clicking on Alarm icon. > We have added Daylight Saving option to help our UK and USA users as they are getting 1 hour time difference. They can use this method to remove that difference in all prayers. > You can also use Minutes Adjustment Feature from setting to set Jamaat Time or to remove slight difference in each prayer.

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