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Support the President of your choice pursue their dream with the help of makeup! In a world where even the President Trump can get bored of having a full time job in the White House, even he adopts a side hobby to take part in when not traveling the world in expensive jets. As you have to take care of former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and former President, Barack Obama, as well as part of your duties in your makeup adventures! After a few months of the office, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has gotten bored of his duties. He has decided to become a superhero to fight the evils all over the world. He still needs to keep up appearances to the public and to the press when he is acting as the President, and that is where you come in as the official fashion advisor and in-charge of Presidential Makeup. As Hillary Clinton, who has chosen the life of a rockstar until the next elections and has taken to the road to sing for her fans, will also need your magic makeup expertise by her side. When you have helped out the President Donald Trump, you can move on to give the former President a new look, as Obama has chosen a life of Buddhism, but all that meditation means him having to get a new look very frequently! As Obama, Trump, and Hillary Clinton, badly need your fashion expertise around the White House, your job is never truly done! With the toughest job being the first person to deliver Presidential Makeup as quickly as you can.

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Unit M Limited.

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