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In the past I have spent a long time opening much heaver tools to accomplish the following tasks sometimes having to process many images manually. I wanted to give back a simple user-friendly solution to the community so I now present Right Image Right Format Right Dimensions. If any of the following problems apply to you please try my tool for professionals and see if it can jump start your productivity: • I have downloaded a batch of stock images and want to simply convert / resize them in the correct format before uploading them to my / my customers website. • I am a professional photographer, I have taken many high quality photos at various orientations and want a quick solution to rotate them while preserving their professional quality TIFF formatting. I know what I want from sets of images and do not want to wait for heavy tools. • I have to convert a logo to a specific format before I can upload it on my / my customers website. • I have taken a bunch of photos with my camera phone and want to convert / resize them in JPEG to keep my photo albums compact. • I have many of my own / my customers photos and they must be the correct size, dimensions and format to upload on my / my customers website. • I need to load several photo into a program that will only accept images of a specific size and format I already know how they all need transforming and do not want to waste valuable time editing them one by one. This one is for the Developers, Peace and Love, the Developer Ashley Peake.

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