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This is a powerful regular expression tool, can be used as a regular expression testing, can also be used directly to solve practical problems so that you don't need a program to implement a more complex character of batch processing project. Highlight features: Support for unlimited levels of complex multiple match and replace. Support replacement refer to the group treated with the $@ symbol. Support exporting and importing. Supports multiple projects, and you can easily switch. Focus on the traditional regular expression tool on the following issues: 1. the lengthy expression structure. Match the complex format, using expression not only in the lengthy and obscure such as hieroglyphics, once modified accidentally change a symbol is endless. Unlimited class multiple substitution function will greatly improve the situation, you can split the work into several steps will be replaced, dispose of, makes clear, the expression is easy to maintain. 2. mission impossible. Regular expressions are universal, but this number is not large, there are many is impossible or difficult to use a format expression is done, most of the time we need to write a new program to address, and when there is a $@ reference functions, solve a lot of problems. Outcome of $@ symbols allow the reference target group, like we used to in the contents 1 set of replacement in the form of $1 reference, the group can now be replaced, and then references replace it results as a $@1, this is extremely useful when dealing with complex formatting.

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