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Anonymous, on-the-go public and private photo-sharing with audio notes and private photo chat. Share your Moments. THANKS to all Users! We are growing! Log Added Random Chat Logs from old versions: *** Support for 'Light' and 'Dark' theme; *** Additions to Settings page. Like 'Rate us' and QR barcode to download Snapshare; *** Top and Timeline photos now have more stats displayed including Chat icon. *** This version has 'Live Tile' displaying top photos. *** This version has 'Anonymous Chat' feature. All chat photos are private and now have notes for text and iconics. Summary The fastest, simplest, and most secure photo-sharing solution on the planet for private and public use. You can share your photo with a complete stranger while not knowing their contact information nor revealing your personal data. Or you can participate in new social revolution by posting, voting and viewing public photos shared anonymously by users like you. In public mode ( Lock is open ) you can share you photos with the World by posting to public timeline completely anonymously. Service is designed to treat all members as equal and unknown to service or to each other. All users post, view/listen, like, ban snaps on public timeline. By doing so best snaps win and allow you to enjoy them. Please use responsibly. Service may suspend your activity in case of posting content most users find offending. Majority rules. In private mode ( Lock is closed ) you share your photo with trusted partner. Snap, share and ask your Snapshare partner scan QR code with their connected device. You decide what content will be top rated to appear for most audience and we ask for you to use it responsibly. Let's make it a great, pleasant and fun experience! Please support us on Twitter and Facebook. Happy #Snapshare - ing ;)

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Allanco Labs, LLC

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2012 - 2015 @ Snapshare Company


Allanco Labs, LLC

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1,8 МБ

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Старше 18 лет


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По данным разработчика, этот продукт соответствует требованиям к специальным возможностям, поэтому им могут с легкостью пользоваться все люди.

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English (United States)

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