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Snood is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. Snood is a fun puzzle game that tests your intellect rather than your reflexes. The gameplay is identical to Snood you know from the 90's. Your goal is to save all the trapped Snoods by launching other Snoods at them. If you connect three or more identical Snoods, they will disappear. If that leaves any Snoods not connected to the top of the playing field, they will fall to safety. Don't take too long, though - every Snood you launch increases the danger level. Snood highlights: - The same great game you remember from the 90's! - If you love Match 3 Bubble Shooter games, you will love Snood. - Snood is simple to learn but difficult to master and therefore great for ages 2 - 102! - Work your way through increasingly challenging puzzles in puzzle Mode Please send feedback & suggestions to snood@snood.com Follow us to get news and updates: https://www.facebook.com/SnoodRules https://twitter.com/snood https://www.instagram.com/snoodgames/ Forget Life, Play SNOOD!

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