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Are you crazy about Super saiyan games and movies? Have You ever thought about becoming a Saiyaman Style? Or about a Street Fighter, for example? We have great news for You! We've got the perfect app - "Super Saiyan Camera"! It's easy to transform yourself and your friends into a Super saiyan or legendary anime ninjas, the choice is huge, you can became a street fighter, samurai, super saiyan, or any great movie character you want, even dragon just play with our super power fx camera and get cool movie fx and anime cosplay. Applications Saiyan Style Photo Suite allows us to edit images or photos from the camera into the image dragon. we just choose the list of gadgets that exist in the form of ball, hair, scouter, kamehameha and others. This application is highly recommended for fans of Dragon games and super saiyan. Once you are done editing, save your new picture to your gallery or share it with your friends via social media. This is the most amazing action movie graphics effects ever created! It's unbelievable easy to use and it's completely free! Super saiyan effects has the following features: + The best super power fx you can find. + Realistic movie fx. + Complete your look with amazing fight weapons. + A variety of Super saiyan accessories, such as: fire, aura, explosions, super saiyan waves, laser, thunder light, electric beams, fighter mode effects, Super saiyan masks and much more. + Easy to edit. + Use finger and zoom button to zoom in and out. + Save your super saiyan fx photo. + Share with friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is where the real fun starts!

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