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Run your own street food cooking business and feed all those hungry customers! The newest street food cooking game, you are in charge of the menu and can make a lot of yummy food to feed your hungry customers lining up! Don’t take too long to cook for your customers, as they won’t stand too long for their food. You need to make a number of fantastic meals to make sure they come back for more! While cooking is the only part of the job, you also have to keep the stall clean, make sure you clean up the mess in and outside of your food stall, otherwise customers might not want to eat. The game will let you fry, and prepare in an oven to prepare a wide range of meals. This will let you make a menu of your choosing. You especially have freedom for the choice of condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, and more choices. Along with foods, you need to be cooking a lot of delicious snacks such as pizzas, nachos, and ice cream to serve your customers, as the street food business is always looking to give customers something new! You can create amazing combinations of pizzas in different flavors and toppings, ice creams with a many flavors to choose from, and nachos made to your choosing!

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Unit M Limited

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