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TestExpert is a test and simulation tool for software developers and testers. It is used in ICT environments where 2 or more entities (a client, a server, etc.) have to exchange information by means of a communication protocol. In those environments TestExpert can take the place of one or more of these entities and provide interaction behavior towards another entity; e.g. a client or server software application. It does this by simulating the information/messages that have to be exchanged. The tool supports UDP, TCP, and HTTP as possible transport layer for sending and receiving messages. Various test scenarios can be created and saved in solution files. Scenarios are defined using a Finite State Machine (FSM) concept with states, events, and actions. Messages can be specified both in binary and text format. Text based messages can be defined either using a Raw Message editor, a HTTP Message editor, or an ABNF Message editor. The latter defines the message content using a template concept that defines the structure using the ABNF syntax notation. Scenarios are executed by the user. While executing log reports are generated to help the user with verifying the actions taken and the responses of the system under test. TestExpert can also be used as a Software Component Test tool. With the help of a small Connector library that is linked with the system under test, the tool can issue JSON RPC calls to an application to invoke component actions. The Connnector takes care of the marshalling of the method requests and responses.

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