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You are a master archer and the long awaited hero that will compete and conquer the Survival Hungry Games event in triumph! Now it’s the time to fight for your survival against numerous waves of zombies, soldiers, demons and other strange creatures that invade your blocky world dimension. Use your unmatched archery skills and manipulate time wisely in order to emerge victorious. Let The Games begin! Vigilante, outcast, master archer, hero. Your path has never been the one of comfort and mundane pleasures, but the one of adventure, inner search and hard training. After many years of absence, you have returned to your hometown to compete in the Survival Hungry Games for a chance to earn the freedom of your people. You now have a plan to crush the totalitarian regime that has turned the human race into a cruel sport for the entertainment of the privileged. It’s time for you to fight back using your unmatched archery skills, your martial arts training and your untamed warrior soul. Let The Games begin! The Survival Hungry Games event takes place in various locations of your blocky world, where the brave challengers fight for their survival against numerous waves of zombies, soldiers, demons and other strange creatures that invade our dimension through portals. Progress through your missions, mow down enemies and blow away groups of foes as you battle unique opponents with their own set of challenges. Utilize your archery skills, plan out your tactics and use time manipulation wisely, in this ultimate battle against all odds in this action-packed survival game. It's do or die...

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Aeria Canada Studio, Inc.

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Старше 7 лет

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