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WORDFIX is a fast paced, jumble, shuffle, scramble, type word game that will keep you challenged, game after game! It's easy to play, yet surprisingly difficult. Simply fix all 15 words to win the game - sound easy? Give WORDFIX a try! 🏆 "Thoughtfully crafted" - "Fast paced" - "Can be deceptively challenging!" Over 10000 unique words, all checked to be US and UK English friendly." ✔️ Five difficulty levels ✔️ Play offline - great for in transit ✈️ ✔️ Common to both British and U.S. English ✔️ standard English words that are in common use today ✔️ Only adjectives, adverbs, common nouns & present tense verbs ⛔️ No plurals ⛔️ No names of places or people ⛔️ No academic or obscure words ⛔️ No past tense, present continuous or third person verbs All words can be found in both Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries. HOW TO PLAY: Fix the word by ordering the jumble of letters before the timer runs out. Work your way through three words of the same length to complete one level. There are five levels of difficulty: Novice, Junior, Pro, Expert and Master. With every level, the number of letters per word increases. Earn coins each time you complete a level. Use these coins for clues to help you solve the words. OTHER FEATURES: Great for players of all skill levels (it's a word game for everyone!) Play WORDFIX instantly -- no sign-in required. Play WORDFIX even when you are offline or have no data. Great for kids: Buy the game to disable the store and ads (includes unlimited coins). Catchy background theme tune (can be disabled). Delightful animations! Tap or slide the letters: You can choose! In-game tutorial available. Work your way through thousands of unique words. PLEASE NOTE: * game contains ads (can be disabled via in-app purchase) * game contains in-app purchases * has social sharing capability on Twitter and Facebook * requires location and network services for our advertisement partners * we don't store or keep any personal info on our servers If you enjoy word games such as 7 Little Words, Wordament, Shuffle, Hangman, Words With Friends and Find The Word, then you'll LOVE WORDFIX! If you have any suggestions on how we might improve WORDFIX then we would love to hear from you: Website: http://www.wordfixgame.com Support mail: support@orangespicegames.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/WordfixWordGame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WordfixWordGame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVJ4SpRK43FKXtgHEoNQwhw/featured Pinterest: https://za.pinterest.com/orangespicegame/wordfix-word-game-scramble-shuffle-and-jumble/

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