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Virus Information Alliance

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The Virus Information Alliance (VIA) is an antimalware collaboration program between Microsoft and security software providers, security service providers, antimalware testing organizations, and other organizations involved in the fight against cybercrime to encourage effective customer protections against malware.

See the program criteria page for a list of requirements.

Microsoft is committed to working with organizations that provide antimalware protection, information, response capabilities, or are involved in the fight against cybercrime that protect broad groups of customers.

Microsoft will continue to evaluate and update the criteria appropriately.

Members will receive information to facilitate effective malware detection, deterrence, and eradiation. This includes technical information on malware as well as metadata on malicious activity.

Microsoft is committed to continuous improvement to help reduce the impact of malware on customers.

By sharing malware-related information, Microsoft enables members of this community to work towards better protection for customers.

Yes, this is a public program. If you are accepted, you can talk about your organization as a VIA member.

Information shared through VIA is governed by the VIA membership agreement and a Microsoft non-disclosure agreement, where applicable.

As a first step, review the program criteria. If it applies to your organization, you can apply using our membership application form.