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The big news this week centered on how Iran managed to electronically intercept a U.S. spy drone (analysts suggest use of GPS spoofing), and cause it to land safely within the country. The Christian Science Monitor, in its article Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer,quoted an Iranian engineer who said the country’s electronic warfare specialists were able to cut off communications links of the American bat-wing RQ-170 Sentinel and cause it to land safely in Iran. Bloomberg Businessweek wrote of gauging the significance of the event with its Iran Shows Downed Spy Drone as U.S. Assesses Technology Loss, while Computerworld tried to gauge the degree to which control was gained with its article Analysts wary of Iran’s spy drone hacking claims. Meanwhile InformationWeek made a connection between the drone and another GPS-related story, pointing readers from its drone coverage to its Lightsquared Disrupts Airplane Navigation GPS, Feds Say. Bruce Schneier’s blog provides More on the Captured U.S. Drone, pointing to extensive coverage in the Aviationist and other publications.

Iranian Hackers Trick U.S. Spy Drone into Landing, Report Says

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