There is a lot of discussion in the industry right now about the potential cost savings for organizations that leverage of cloud computing. Another potential benefit of leveraging cloud computing is increased business agility.

For many organizations deploying new IT capabilities can be a relatively long and costly process. In this, the second installment of Trustworthy Computing’s Cloud Fundamentals Video Series, John Howie, a Senior Director of Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services, points out once the decision is made to procure new servers you’re still likely to be weeks away from deriving any benefit from them. Hardware has to be delivered, it has to be racked into the data center or server room and power run to it. It has to be networked and configured, operating systems have to be loaded and applications installed.

Contrast this experience with provisioning new resources in the cloud, that could take a matter of hours, and the advantages of cloud computing become obvious. These rapid provisioning capabilities coupled with limitless scalability are very attractive characteristics to organizations that are looking for ways to increase their business agility.

In fact, for many of the security executives I talk to, their challenge shifts from looking for efficiencies in their provisioning processes, to trying to keep up with the businesses they support, as those businesses provision cloud resources faster than IT departments can track them. So there’s less wait time and more potential productivity.

The second video in Trustworthy Computing’s Cloud Fundamentals video series is now available and I invite you to watch it. In this video you’ll see John Howie, who helps to manage the security for Microsoft’s cloud services, discuss business agility. If you haven’t seen the first video in the series, you can watch it here.

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