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Navigating Security in the Age of the Breach at the Evanta CIO Executive Summit

  • Tim Rains

Last month, I had the honor of moderating a panel of esteemed executives at the 2014 Evanta CIO Executive Summit in Chicago, Illinois. The topic for discussion was “Navigating Security in the Age of the Breach.” The panelists included Paul Martin, CVP & CIO Baxter International Inc., Preston Simons, VP, IT & CIO Abbott, and Marc Varner, CISO McDonald’s Corporation.

0365-CIOES Chicago 14
“At a time when security is a top priority for all CIOs, Tim Rains helped us deliver one of the most impactful sessions of the Chicago CIO Executive Summit.” – Panelist Preston Simmons (Panelists left to right: Tim Rains, Director Microsoft, Preston Simons, VP, IT & CIO Abbott, Paul Martin, CVP & CIO Baxter International Inc., and Marc Varner, CISO McDonald’s Corporation) Photo courtesy of Evanta

The group discussed security strategies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management and security, data loss prevention, the risks and rewards of leveraging the cloud, and how cybersecurity has become an important focus for corporate board members.

Although each of the panelists agreed on the value of leveraging cloud services for long-term business success, it was interesting to hear the different philosophies and approaches to the consumerization of IT, BYOD, mobile device management and security; some embraced BYOD, while others prefer to issue corporate-owned devices. Regardless of which method enterprises decide is best for them and their employees, most of the customers I have talked to are interested in solutions that help them manage mobile devices and identities and help protect company, customer, and employee data.

It so happens that earlier this year Microsoft released the Enterprise Mobility Suite to help customers with these challenges. Explore this comprehensive solution for your enterprise mobility needs here.