Security threats continue to dominate news cycle today. As more companies move to the cloud, privacy and transparency are also hot topics in the news. The result: organizations are increasingly weighing the benefits of new, cloud-based opportunities against the corresponding risks and mitigation costs.

Microsoft is committed to providing a cloud you can trust. We believe there are five critical areas you need to know about cloud security:

  • Security options and capabilities available in the cloud
  • Maintaining privacy and control of your data
  • Addressing industry compliance rules
  • The need for transparency and visibility into how your data is stored and protected
  • Taking advantage of hybrid options without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud

To help you understand how the cloud offers security and privacy controls that are likely better than those your organization uses on-premises, I’ll be offering a webinar that covers these five critical areas, and offers tools and strategies on everything from encryption considerations, including encryption at rest and in transit; physical data center security, and platform security. I’ll also cover privacy and data control topics including where your data is physically housed and how long a provider can keep your data after you decide to leave a service. I’ll also address how to work through industry compliance questions, hybrid options (for data you decide not to move to the cloud), and the level of transparency you should expect from your provider. I hope you’ll join me.

The “Cloud security: 5 things you need to know” webinar will be held on January 12, 2016. Registration is now open. Register now!