Cloud computing. Big data. The Internet of Things (IoT). Today, the continuous connection of smart products is unmatched at improving customer connections and providing opportunities for businesses to differentiate their products and services. You can listen to social buzz, see how people are using products and services in real time, and enhance your customers’ experiences with rolling feature updates.

At the same time, the always-on interconnectedness opens up attractive attack vectors for cybercrime and zombie bots. Securing your network and protecting your customers in the IoT landscape presents new complexities, but the good news is that comprehensive and effective defense is not only possible, it’s actually not that hard to acquire. All you need is a new mindset.

We’ll cover that new mindset, along with practical security tips you can use right away, in our upcoming webinar: Are my robots going to attack me? Tips for a secure IoT strategy. Don’t miss it!

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Helping you stay ahead of threats is one of the ways Microsoft puts our Trusted Cloud principles to work for our customers. Because trust in technology is critical, particularly where zombie robots are concerned.

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