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Microsoft Security

What will cybersecurity look like in the next decade?

  • Microsoft Security

Earlier this year the New America Foundation organized its annual “Cybersecurity for a new America” Summit. This year’s focus was on shaping the cybersecurity of the future. Speakers tackled the evolution of cyberspace and the implications for cybersecurity. They explored and examined questions such as How will we secure growing networks of cars, health devices and other “things”? What can we do to ensure that our cyber workforce is more diverse and representative? How can complex networks of actors work together to mitigate the next Heartbleed-scale software vulnerability? How will global trends affect the cybersecurity challenges that will threaten the United States?

Microsoft’s senior director of cybersecurity policy, Paul Nicholas talked about the role geopolitics and individual governments will play in this space in the next decade. He also highlighted some of the challenges that governments around the world face and examined their emerging responses. You can watch his presentation here.