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No payment necessary: Fighting back against ransomware

  • Microsoft Defender Security Research Team

Any IT professional who’s ever had an experience with malware knows how fast an intrusive attack can happen, and how difficult it can be to educate employees to be vigilant against such threats. And with ransomware attacks only growing, having information, tools and technologies to help protect your network can mean the difference between serious business disruption and business as usual.

The trend towards increasingly sophisticated malware behavior, highlighted by the use of exploits and other attack vectors, makes older platforms so much more susceptible to ransomware attacks. From June to November 2017, Windows 7 devices were 3.4 times more likely to encounter ransomware compared to Windows 10 devices.

Read our latest report: A worthy upgrade: Next-gen security on Windows 10 proves resilient against ransomware outbreaks in 2017

Those of us in the Microsoft Malware Protection Center are constantly on the hunt for new malware variants, and working to improve Microsoft’s security-oriented technology to block them from reaching our customers.

In that vein, we just released a new white paper that details a full set of technologies Microsoft has developed or enhanced to provide Windows customers with an array of protection options.

Please check out the Windows Business blog from Rob Lefferts “Defending against ransomware with Windows 10 Anniversary Update“, which offers an overview of those protections. You can also read the full white paper “Ransomware protection in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (PDF).




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