Request for Offer DIR-TSO-TMP-213
DIR Contract #DIR-TSO-3373

Contract Pricing – Products and Service Specifications

Contact information for vendor and designated order fulfillers
Microsoft Direct Business Sales Team Contacts
Attn: Steve Mellor
+1 (720) 4027790
Attn: Mark Frederickson
+1 (618) 5142381

Instructions for obtaining quotes and placing purchase orders
By Email:
By Phone:
Call +1 (618) 5142381
All purchase order documents must include:
1. Reference the DIR Contract # DIR-TSO-3373
2. Purchase order number
3. Email address
4. Product description
5. Part number / SKU
6. Pricing each
7. Quantity requested
8. DIR Administration fee
9. Any applicable sales tax
10. Total purchase price
11. Bill-to address
12. Ship-to address
13. Authorizing Signature from someone who has the authority to make purchases on behalf of the organization

Return policy


DIR Contract number
Ref: DIR-TSO-3373

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cooperative Contracts program.