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Card games Fool simple and Fool translating - rules of the game: The game uses a deck of 36 cards (the dignity of cards by seniority: from ace to six). Everyone is dealt 6 cards each, the next card is opened and her suit sets a trump card for this game. The rest of the deck is placed on top (closed side), so that the trump card is visible to everyone. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards. The last player, who did not get rid of cards, remains in "fools". In the first surrender, the player with the lowest trump is the first to attack (attack). The turn is always done to the left, and consists of putting one or more cards, and the player's attempts under which they go, they are covered with either the highest card of the same suit or the card of the trump suit, if the card is not itself a trump card - in that case it can be covered only a senior trump card. If the player to be walked on is beaten off, the next turn will go to him, but first all players will pick up to 6 cards, starting with the player who walked first, and ending with the player who fought back. If the player could not fight back, then he takes all the cards, and the next move is for the player to the left. Features: Types of games: . fool . fool translating . Game from 2 to 4 players . Convenient location of the screen - portrait. . Scrolling through the cards under your finger. . AI does not spy on the player's cards, which makes the game more interesting.


මෙම අනුවාදය තුළ අළුත් දෑ මොනවාද

Card game in Russia

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