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Do you want to become a Russian truck ZIL 130? Then this game is for you! This legendary Soviet rear-wheel drive truck remains for a long time, but also in the hearts of truck lovers. In the game you are given the opportunity to test yourself in the role of a ZIL. The game has prepared many levels, tasks and tests. To learn how to drive this truck well, you need to drive it. So, in the game you are waiting for a variety of game modes, including racing competitions with other trucks, parking, off-road and even a career. In career mode, you will need to complete 12 tasks in order to open your way to victory. To start the game you need to choose the difficulty, then come up with a license plate and a region, after which you will find yourself in your personal garage, where your truck is. Here you can change its appearance, repaint or buy a special, unique style, but for this you need a lot of money. Take the streets and begin to complete tasks. Follow the green arrow, which will always indicate which direction you need to move. The game is very realistic, for example, in order to enter the courtyard, you first need to honk in order to open the barrier. After each stop, you need to start the engine again, and before entering the station of those. service During the ride, you have access to a map on which all important objects are marked, such as: houses, gas stations, one hundred, car wash, stadium and of course your transport company. Turn the steering wheel and enjoy your favorite ringing. The machine control is very realistic, the gearbox of course switches automatically, but it’s very natural. All existing systems are working properly in your truck. During the rain, you can turn on the wipers, and when driving in the city, you can easily turn on repeat indicators, emergency lights or use a beep. To improve the driving characteristics of the ZIL, the engine, the chassis, the wheels and more. Play, drive your truck, complete tasks and become the richest, famous and successful ZIL 130 driver. Do not forget about the different game modes available. If you are tired of a career, you can have fun driving along the mountain slopes, off-road and test your truck parking skills. Play and enjoy this wonderful game, because the driving experience will remain with you forever!


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In this small paid version, you can play with full screen. You can also get new versions.


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