Snímky obrazovky


  • Experience sharply honed ninja platforming action! Dash, slice, and leap your way through the depths of Mekacity as you explore claustrophobic factories, corrupted labs, and more!
  • As the sole survivor of your ninja clan, you must take down more than a dozen apocalyptic bosses, ranging from enormous war machines to your synthetically-enhanced clan rivals
  • Rescue your clan to unlock Ninjutsu skills and abilities such as exploding shuriken, powerful charge slashes, summoning fire, parry moves, and more!
  • Experience the gripping story! Shadow returns from oblivion on borrowed time for what will surely be his last mission. What has become of the Clan’s master? Who can be trusted?
  • Authentic 8-bit presentation with handcrafted sprites, a detailed pixel aesthetic, and perfect controls. Modern touches like fluid animation, multilayered parallax backgrounds, and evolved game design
  • Pulse-pounding soundtrack by Enrique Martin